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Open living rooms are becoming increasingly popular, especially in new condos and new construction.

This type of configuration allows most of the time to visually enlarge the whole, but there is a problem that arises most often: Harmonization of the whole.


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How to arrange your living room with its kitchen and dining room to maintain overall consistency?

We will try to answer by giving you some tips.


Harmonization of your open space

It is important to harmonize everything with colors, materials and proportions that can match.

Keep your walls the same color, and the floors too, to avoid any feeling of lack of taste, and thus retain this impression of space.


The configuration of your open area

Associate the kitchen with the dining room, then set aside the living room associated with a desk is an interesting option to compartmentalize the space while maintaining overall cohesion.

You can also choose a sofa type sectional that will naturally create a separation between the lounge area / TV / office and space rather dedicated to the kitchen and the dining room.

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Positioning furniture in your open area

The positioning of the furniture in your open area will primarily depend on the positioning of your kitchen area with most of the time an island that will naturally segment it.

But also and above all, will be affected by the overall shape of your room (rectangular, square, L-shaped, rather small and narrow…), your exhibitions of lights (windows), your doors, fireplaces or any other fixed element like columns, for example.


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All these elements will also determine the size of the pieces to choose according to the space for each “corner” in your open area. For example, for a smaller dining area, prefer a round table that will not overcrowd the whole and choose lighter furniture to keep a clean look.

Moreover if you have a rather square space, prefer a square table, conversely for a rectangular space, we will prefer a rectangular table.

You may have understand, for an open space, some basic rules are to be followed for the layout (wall of the same color and identical floor) everywhere. However, if you have to respect certain suggestions and avoid certain color blends, adding some personal touches over time can also add character to your whole.


Conclusion: we respect the basics, we choose the largest pieces (sofa, table, buffet, desk…) depending on the configuration of the open area, then we do not hesitate to continuously make a few changes until we complete the decoration.

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