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Want to give your living room a new look? Your sofa is an excellent starting point since it is a central element of the room.

Why not go for a leather sofa? Of all materials, leather is one of the most popular: timeless, chic and elegant, it fits in nicely with any living room.

However, make sure you choose your leather sofa carefully if you want it to be comfortable and durable.

Before purchasing, make sure that all the elements of the sofa match your needs and the colour and type of leather are suitable for your room.



The advantages of a leather sofa

The leather sofa is timeless and a great investmentElegant, it is often the most important piece of living room furniture and defines the atmosphere. In addition, it has certain non-negligible assets:

The look. Leather is a material that ages well. It develops a patina over time, which gives it even more charm.    

Maintenance is also simple. You can easily clean a stain using a wet cloth without leaving a trace.    

-Thermal comfort. Contrary to popular belief, a leather sofa is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.    

-Durability. It has undeniable material resistance over time.    

Which leather should you choose for your sofa?


The leather used for sofas comes mainly from calf or cowhide (sometimes also buffalo). These two different types of skin have very similar strength and flexibility and only the thickness of the grain varies. Calf leather has a fine grain and a soft touch. Calfskin has a semi-thick grain and is the most common.    

At CASAVOGUE, the vast majority of our leather sofas are made from cowhide. The thickness of the leather can also vary according to the models, generally between 1.2 and 1.5 mm. For eco-friendly leather sofas of the highest quality, browse our Natuzzi Italia range of sofas.

What else should you consider when choosing your leather sofa?


The leather sofa structure

The structure gives shape to the sofa and guarantees its durability. The best leather sofas are structured with solid wood and reinforced with chipboard. 

 Suspension, an important element of any leather sofa

Two types of suspension are used on the market: no-sag springs and elastic straps. The springs provide a firmer hold. Elastic straps are more flexible. Your choice will therefore depend on the level of comfort desired.

The lining

The upholstery of your sofa consists of foam. There are different types of foam with varying qualities. High resilience (HR) polyurethane foams have the best properties. They provide excellent support and increase the life of the sofa.

The seat density of your leather sofa

Foam density will provide comfortable seating according to individual tastes. Indeed, the more dense the foam is, the less the sofa has a chance to dent over the years. We generally suggest polyurethane foam (PU), which must have a density of 30 to 35 kg/m³ of the seat and 20 to 25 kg/m³ on the backrest.     

Finally, what colour should you choose for your leather sofa?

The colour of a sofa in leather or fabric is important, as it will define the mood of the room and must match the style of furniture you already have to create a nice set. He are some safe choices:

The black leather sofa: the classy and elegant touch. Match with furniture lacquered in glass or wood.

The white leather sofa: for a refined atmosphere. A white sofa will bring a touch of softness to your living room, in the Scandinavian trend.

The gray leather sofa: the timeless choice, it offers a wide range from clear to dark gray. The advantage of a gray sofa is its compatibility with all sorts of interior styles. There is a big trend towards charcoal at the moment.

The chocolate leather sofa: for a cozy interior. The chocolate leather sofa is ideal if you are looking for a cozy atmosphere. You can match it with colours such as taupe, beige, brown or linen.

 Choose CASAVOGUE for a durable and comfortable leather sofa


As you can see, the fame of the leather sofa isn’t about to die out, due to its many advantages, whether in terms of design, comfort or reliability. Long live your leather sofa!

Shop now on the CASAVOGUE website to find the leather sofa that is perfect for you! You can also contact us for any questions concerning your living room furniture.